Free Gems for Clash of Clans

Gums up presents the new version of our hack with the possibility to add unlimited gems, gold unlimited and unlimited elixir in Clash of Clans. In addition, we have improved the interface to make it easier to use mobile phones and tablets. Our tool is completely online and works surely.
Normaly all the hacks are previously tested and guaranteed to work in all cases, no margin of error. This hack for Clash of Clans has especially been tested to the limit, we have obtained to 99999999 gems in one shot and there has been no account banning. We have tested other Clans Clash hack but we have realised that they are all fake and are misleading people, we have created this tool to hack Clans Clash in order that people can get gems without paying real money nor be deceived. Check this link to enter to Gums up official website and get some nice information about Clash of Clans and other games!
Our Clans Clash hack stands out to be the best in terms of boundaries, between all the hacks that exist for Clash of Clans this is which can give more free gems!
The best tricks for the most popular game of Supercell are generators of unlimited gems, like our generator for Clash of Clans. The interface is simple to use and with this hack you can get up to 999999 FREE gems in Clash of Clans and to play to the maximum without spending real money in online games. Clans clash is a game designed by Supercell created to play on Android and iOS devices and internet access required to play it. You can see the full review in this article.
Clash of clan is a game of strategy and equipment, therefore we need to know how to attack and find a good clan that is active, that attack and is donor. How do I find an active clan? It is very easy: in the search box of clans looking for a clan that has at least 35-40 members and see all of their donations. Each Cup season lasts 2 weeks, so they should have at least donations between 500-1000 in several players to consider an active clan and donor (minimum 10 or 15 players with those donations).
First of all, we must create a castle of the clan to be able to join a clan. This will cost US 40,000 Gold, so save said. To start the game, we have a few gems that give us, which we can not waste. I advise you to save for later purchasing the barbarian King or builders. Calm down, when they attack you no steal it gems. It must be said, that at the beginning of the game we have a shield of a week so no one can attack you, and if we attack removed us the shield.
We can get gems by destroying objects in our village, it will cost us gold rocks and elixir trees, logs, shrubs and mushrooms. They will also experience points to level up. Of the accomplishments we can also obtain free gems Clash of Clans. The achievements are located to the right of your screen with the drawing of a woman.
At the beginning of the game, we must also create a store of gold to be able to build up our booty. If observais at the top, can store only 2,500 of gold, so, or improve our store or create a new one, but must get to store 40,000 gold to create the castle of the clan and join a clan to help us. By clicking on the bottom right we find the store for to choose resources where we will create elixir extractors and gold mines, which is important if we want to improve our resources.
It is important to create a wall to put things a bit more difficult to the enemy. To create the walls, we will find it in store defense wall. Once we have made a wall, a tower of arqueras and a couple of guns we will have to improve our gold and elixir extractors, as well as the storage of these.

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